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Hypnosis and Regression
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Essential Healing Workshop

Date & Schedule: Madrid, 7th and 8th of April 2018 from 10am to 6pm
With Paul Aurand MHT and Sophia Kramer MHt

A Life Changing Transformational Healing Workshop. Break through to the authentic you! Free yourself from the stuck emotions, self-limiting beliefs, and unconscious programs that hold you back. Unleash your boundless power, creativity, inspiration, and wisdom. Your soul carries great light and wisdom but it can become encased in protective armoring and negative imprints from the past. These diminish your light and disconnect you from your authentic self. Based on your individual needs, Paul and Sophia will guide you through a series of “Essential Healings” to break through these layers of armoring and imprints, to reconnect you with your authentic self and activate your Soul Essence.

Some of the Essential Healings Paul and Sophia will Guide you through are:

Expanding Consciousness Beyond the Mental Mind
Identifying and Clearing the Heart Shields
Opening the Heart
Breaking Through the Layers
Emotional Release
Healing the Past
Meeting the “Wonder Child”
Therapeutic Writing and Drawing
Reclaiming Your Power
Returning the “Junk”
I Am, I Have a Right to Be, I Choose to Live!
Authentic You Emerging
Soul Essence Activation

Paul and Sophia create a safe and healing environment where you can go deep within to achieve the Essential Healings that you are seeking. Have your breakthrough!
€ 245 (registration before February 28th)
€ 275 (registration after February 28th)

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What is hypnosis, hypnotherapy and past life regression?

Dates and schedule: Madrid, coming soon
Informative talk to learn more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy and past life regression.
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Telf.: +34 645 419 073 - Madrid