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Regression Therapy

Regression in Madrid



Regression therapy is very effective in finding the source of a problem or trauma and transforming it permanently. Through hypnosis, the client is guided to a moment in the past where an event or trauma began. This past event is analyzed and worked on, to help solve the current symptoms and problems that originated then.

In some cases, the memories are related to events that occurred in the past of a person's life, such as a traumatic event during childhood, loss of a loved one, etc. Regression therapy works with the emotional and spiritual baggage of our past that is the root of our current problems, transforming and healing them.

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In other cases the problems arise from forgotten or blocked memories, even from small incidents that were unimportant at the time, but that have influenced our life and behavior. These forgotten memories are not accessible from our conscious mind, which makes it very difficult to solve through traditional psychotherapy.

However, through hypnosis, these memories that are hidden in the subconscious surface and they can be worked on and healed. Dealing with the origin of the problem through hypnosis, the physical, mental and / or emotional symptoms that are experienced at the conscious level related to that problem are transformed.

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