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What does it feel being under hypnosis?

The hypnotic state is a state of deep relaxation; each person can feel it differently. Some people feel heaviness in their body, others feel very light, and others feel nothing in particular. It’s similar to the moment just before falling asleep. But at all times you are conscious, you can talk, listen, move, etc.

Will I remember what happened in the session?

Under hypnosis you are completely relaxed both physically and mentally, but remain conscious. As you are conscious you will be able to remember everything that happens in the session. No one can force you to say or do anything you do not want; you are in control at all times. And if you want you can open your eyes or get up in the middle of the session.

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hipnosis de regresion en madrid

How will it feel to remember events from a past life under hypnosis?

You will be in a state of deep relaxation, in which you will remain conscious, you will be able to speak, listen to my voice and remember everything that happens in the session. You are in control at all times and you can also leave the hypnotic state at any time. The experience is similar to remembering something from your current life with closed eyes: maybe you can visualize it, hear it or feel it, you can feel the emotions or physical sensations again, or you will simply know what is happening without having a clear visualization. The important thing is to be open to whatever surfaces from your subconscious.

Do I need to believe in past lives?

It’s not necessary to believe in past lives to obtain positive results from the session. There are people who believe that they are simply stories from our imagination that are created to help understand and solve problems. The subconscious is intelligent and knows what to remember or what history is needed to heal and solve a problem, regardless of what the rational mind believes. It really doesn’t matter if it's real or not, what matters is that past life regression is extremely effective regardless of personal beliefs.

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How do I know if it is real or invented?

Past life regression is not intended to check the veracity of the stories. The objective is healing and solving problems. It doesn’t matter if it's real or imagination. The important thing is that you trust your subconscious mind will choose the right story to help you solve the problem. It’s not necessary to analyze the veracity of the past life during the session; you need to let the story flow regardless of its authenticity.

What if I have a memory that is not pleasant?

Remember that regression is about transformation and healing. After remembering the events that occurred, we work on what happened to neutralize the negative impact of that memory. This can be achieved in one session or maybe several sessions are needed. But once the associations and negative emotions are eliminated, you can see that memory from a new perspective, which will no longer affect you emotionally.

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