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Hypnosis and Regression

Remembering a past life in which I was abandoned in the street as a child while it was snowing, has helped me understand the feeling of abandonment and cold that I have always carried with me. For the first time I no longer feel that permanent cold and I understand the feelings that arise inside me every time someone says goodbye or leaves my life. I now know that this feeling of abandonment has to do with that life, not with my current life. Thank you for guiding me and helping me in this healing process.

Raúl Blasco

Losing my family in an accident when I was a little child has marked my life. In moments of solitude I have always wished that they would take me with them. With hypnosis I realized that I have to move forward and that even though they are not with me in this life, they still support me and wish my happiness. It’s a path I have chosen to do on my own despite the difficulties. Now it’s something that I understand and accept. And I know they will be proud of me.

Isabel Vilariño

Thanks to hypnosis I have been able to take care of my inner child and give her the love that I was never given as a child; helping me heal and forgive.

Eva Pinedo

Through the session I was able to return feelings of guilt that did not belong to me and weighed heavily on my shoulders. Finally getting rid of that guilt leaves me feeling lighter and happier.

Marcos Bonilla
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