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Past life Regression

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In past life regression, the person is guided to a past life related to problems or obstacles that are present in the current life. For example, a physical pain may be related to an illness or the way the person died in previous life, or the tension in a relationship with a person may be due to pending issues with that person in another life. Not only is the past life remembered, we also work to free you from all the negative associations related to those events that may affect you in this life, and you will remember the key teachings of that life. By releasing those deeply rooted emotions and any unfinished thoughts or feelings associated with that life, you can finally close that chapter, learning the lessons and healing.

Past life regression therapy works with the emotional and spiritual residues of our past, which is the root of our current problems, transforming and healing them. All this is done in a safe and structured way. Remembering past lives helps you eliminate obstacles and blockages, it also helps you understand patterns and problems of your current life, as well as continue your life with a new perspective.

Some examples in which past life regression can help are: insecurity, low self-esteem, depression, phobias and fears, obsessive thoughts, guilt, pain, anger, relationship problems, feelings of loss, isolation.

In addition to solving specific problems, past life regression also helps in the following way:

Reducing the fear of death
Feeling more connected with others and with nature
Having a more clear purpose
Experiencing more peace and satisfaction in life
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